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Looks, & Feels Like Natural Teeth

Safe and effective dental implants that last a life-time.

Dental Crowns

Each crown is custom designed to match the desired color and shape mimicking the natural tooth. We have the highest quality dental crowns can also make your tooth stronger and crowns that lasts a long time.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth that are severely decayed or damaged from trauma may need to be removed. A tooth may also be removed for orthodontic reasons to leave space for teeth that would otherwise be too crowded.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the optimal way to restore missing teeth without harming additional teeth. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and mimic the root of the natural tooth which also prevents bone reduction.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is indicated for tooth decay or damage that is compromising the vitality of the tooth or has killed the tooth.

Dental Fillings

We do not place mercury or silver fillings. Composite fillings are resins of plastic and glass used to restore teeth that have decayed, are broken, or misshapen though not extensively enough to require a crown or extraction.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning treatment(periodontics) is necessary to prevent further infection and tooth loss. Deep cleaning is also recommended before getting our affordable dental braces.

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